The LEEF Soil Flux System Includes:

Exclusive Grant LI-COR offers the LEEF Soil Flux System with a grant covering 20% of the list price for qualified LEEF participants


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  • LI-8100A Analyzer Control Unit: The gas analysis, data storage and communication center of the LI-8100A System.
  • Survey Chamber, 20 cm diameter: Connects directly to the Analyzer Control Unit. Includes Soil Temperature Probe, gasket kit, spares kit, and six Soil Collars
  • Theta Soil Moisture Probe: with bare leads for direct connection to the Analyzer Control Unit
  • Trace Gas Sampling Kit: Used to collect samples from the same air stream used to measure CO2 flux for further trace gas analysis
  • Eight additional Soil Collars: to use with the Survey Chamber
  • Three Rechargeable Batteries and a Battery Charger: One battery needed to operate the LI-8100A. Each battery provides approximately 3 hours of battery life

  • CO2 Mapping Kit: used to measure and map carbon dioxide emissions over a large area
  • 8100App Wireless Package: Includes 32 GB iPod, iPod Micro Case, Cisco® Wireless (802.11b) Card, and serial cable for IP configuration
  • Windows® and Apple iOS interface Software, Mapping software, and Data Analysis software
  • Two-Year Extended Warranty: Extends the standard one-year warranty of the LI-8100A to a total of three years
  • Five sets of Training DVDs: A two-DVD set each. Great for new users of the LI-8100A
  • Full Scientific and Technical support

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