LEEF Terrestrial Light Package Includes:

Exclusive Grant: LI-COR offers the LEEF Terrestrial Light Package with a grant covering more than 17% of the list price for qualified LEEF participants.


How to Apply
For more information about the LEEF Program, contact us:

  • LI-1500G Light Sensor Logger: Designed for easy programming and connection of all LI-COR light sensors. Displays and stores data from multiple sensors simultaneously. Includes a GPS system. Comes with a storage case that can also store light sensors.
  • LI-190R Quantum (PAR) Sensor: Measures the 400-700 nm part of the spectrum—the photosynthetically active radiation used by plants. Includes a 5 m cable.
  • Mounting and Leveling Fixture: Used for easy mounting of the sensor. Includes a bubble for accurate leveling.
  • Sensor Base Cover: Used to protect the sensor base when the sensor head is removed.
  • Recalibration: Includes one free factory recalibration for the LI-190R. We recommend recalibration every two years.
  • Two-Year Extended Warranty for the LI-1500G Light Sensor Logger: Extends the normal one-year warranty to three years. For standard parts only.

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