Benefits for Faculty

  • Faculty can meet increasing tenure and research requirements by combining teaching with research
  • Research in the classroom and in the field enhances student/faculty interaction
  • LI-COR has made it easy to use the LI-6400XTE for teaching with the use of exclusive software
  • Plant photosynthesis and fluorescence can be easily explained using the LI-6400XTE automation

Benefits for Students

  • The LI-6400XTE provides the student with a better understanding of how photosynthesis, fluorescence and respiration studies are done using the most advanced instrumentation available
  • Hands-on research enables students to acquire skills of critical thinking, problem identification, and time management
  • By analyzing results, organizing ideas, solving problems, and sharing work, students experience all aspects of science rather than just textbook lab exercises
  • Students who possess research skills will be better suited for applied research positions as well as non-research jobs
  • Undergraduate students are better prepared for graduate studies and graduate students are better prepared to do their research

Benefits for Universities

  • Scientific research in the classroom contributes to university recognition of student training and opportunities and can enhance recruitment
  • Better preparation of undergraduate students helps them enter graduate level studies
  • Graduate students have superior knowledge of the subject due to their undergraduate experience
  • Enhanced student/faculty interaction on multiple learning levels

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