The LI-6400XTE Package Includes:

  • System Console
  • Sensor head with CO2/H2O analyzers
  • Standard 6 cm2 Leaf Chamber with internal PAR sensor
  • Leaf Chamber Fluorometer
  • CO2 Injector System
  • Red/Blue LED Light Source
  • External Quantum Sensor
  • Four Rechargeable Batteries
  • Battery Charger
  • Ethernet Card and Cable
  • Flash Memory Card
  • Software CD for Windows
  • Spares kit
  • Carrying Case
  • AC Power Supply
  • Soil CO2 Flux Chamber
  • Expanded Temperature Control Kit
  • Insect Respiration Chamber Kit
  • Photosynthesis Educational Resource Package
  • Extended Warranty. Extends the standard one-year warranty to a total of 3 years. Includes one calibration and maintenance service. Available in the United States, Canada, and Puerto Rico only.
  • Three certificates for the LI-6400XT training course:
    Gas Exchange plus Fluorescence
  • Optional: The LI-6400XTE Package is also available with an Apple iPad (16GB Wi-Fi) in the US, Canada, Mexico, and Puerto Rico. Please request LI-6400XTEi when ordering to have it included. The Apple iPad is a great compliment to the system, as you can control and operate the instrument directly from the iPad, as well as display data and graphs.
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View the LI-6400XT pages for information on additional chambers available with the system.

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