System Configurations

Single Chamber Survey System

  • Uses the 20 cm chamber option
  • Quickly conduct measurements over a number of locations
  • Ability to assess spatial variability in soil CO2 flux

Single Chamber Long-Term System

  • Long-term chamber allows for fully automated measurements of CO2 flux patterns for weeks or months at a time
  • Careful design minimizes perturbations to the soil environment around the chamber

Multiplexed Long-Term System

  • Uses the multiplexer and four long-term chambers
  • 30 m diameter coverage
  • Allows assessment of both spatial and temporal variability

Measure vertical atmospheric profile CO2 studies as well as horizontal atmospheric CO2 measurements:

  • Profiling kit is included
  • Measure up to four different heights
  • Measure along four horizontal locations
  • No additional cost

Sample chamber air for analysis of additional trace gas flux across the soil surface (i.e. CH4, NO2, etc.)

  • Trace gas sampling kit is included
  • Further analysis is required using chromatography or other analytical methods

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