Automated Soil CO2 Flux & Atmospheric Monitoring System - Teaching/Research Package

The LI-8100TR is a perfect fit for educational and research based instructions, offering complete instrumentation for a variety of applications.

Production of CO2 in the soil is primarily a function of respiration of roots and organisms in the soil and is influenced by environmental factors (soil temperature, soil moisture, etc.) and biological factors (above ground canopy size and growth, etc.). Soil CO2 efflux is a physical process driven primarily by the CO2 concentration diffusion gradient between the upper soil layers and the atmosphere near the soil surface. The measurement challenge is to provide a tool which causes minimal disturbance to environmental conditions that have an impact on CO2 production and transport within the soil profile and can be used across a wide range of environmental conditions. The LI-8100TR is designed to meet these challenges.

  • Designed to minimize changes to the soil and environment that can affect the natural soil CO2 production and diffusion processes
  • New patent-pending pressure vent design minimizes pressure pulses at chamber closing and allows pressure inside the chamber to track the ambient pressure even under windy conditions
  • Both survey and long-term chambers close automatically, eliminating variations caused by manual chamber placement
  • CO2 flux is calculated at the CO2 concentration of the surrounding ambient air. This minimizes effects resulting from the necessary increase in chamber CO2 concentration during a measurement
  • Chamber geometry facilitates mixing without using fans, thus eliminating potential for chamber pressure perturbation
  • Data analysis software is a powerful tool for viewing and quality control of data
  • Measure in high CO2 environments up to 20000 ppm
  • Wireless communications and LAN connectivity enabled


The LI-8100TR includes the embedded instrument firmware, Windows®, Windows® Mobile, and exclusive data analysis software. This software offers a convenient way to view selected summaries of data files and observations, and allows the user to see real-time data. Users can quickly plot meaningful analyses to evaluate and manage measurements.
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