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Welcome to EddyPro Version 6.2 help and documentation—the complete reference for EddyPro eddy covariance software. By integrating instructions with the software, we hope that EddyPro can be a powerful tool—not only for computing fluxes—but also for learning and teaching the eddy covariance method. To facilitate this, you will find many context sensitive entries into the help system from the EddyPro application. Within the help web pages we provide abundant cross-references and links to relevant peer-reviewed literature. When possible we link directly to the original published research. If you have feedback or notice errors in the documentation, please email us.

Suggested Documentation Reference: LI‑COR, Inc. 2016. EddyPro® version 6.2 Help and User's Guide. LI‑COR, Inc. Lincoln, NE.

Suggested Software Reference: EddyPro® Software (Version 6.2) [Computer software]. 2016. Lincoln, NE. LI‑COR, Inc; Infrastructure for Measurements of the European Carbon Cycle consortium.

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