LI-COR Releases New Eddy Covariance Processing Software

May 18, 2011, Lincoln, Nebraska

LI-COR Biosciences introduces EddyPro Express, an open source software package that computes fluxes of carbon dioxide, water vapor, methane, and energy using the Eddy Covariance method. EddyPro Express is designed to provide increased data standardization in the Eddy Covariance community by providing a tool that is both robust and straight forward.

"Processing data using the eddy covariance technique can be a tedious procedure. EddyPro Express allows researchers to process raw data sets with just a few clicks," says Bill Miller, LI-COR environmental product manager. "Our goal is to provide software that creates data commonality and leads to enhanced collaborative efforts between scientists."

EddyPro Express originates from ECO2S, the Eddy COvariance COmmunity Software project, developed as part of the IMECC-EU research project. The purpose for this project was to provide an open and standard tool for the global Eddy Covariance community. LI-COR expanded the original ECO2S software to develop EddyPro Express.

As atmospheric concentrations of greenhouse gases increase, researchers are focused on quantifying gas exchange rates, emissions and fluxes by directly measuring movement of gases in the air. The Eddy Covariance technique is the most widely used and accurate method for doing so. The EddyPro Express software interface is designed so that researchers new to the Eddy Covariance technique can quickly use the software to compute fluxes. "The user-friendly interface employs standard settings that apply corrections based on published procedures to calculate fluxes," says Miller.

In addition to calculating fluxes, EddyPro Express generates quality control flags, some turbulent statistics, and provides additional micrometeorological information.

For researchers who want to submit their data to flux networks such as GHG-Europe and Ameriflux, EddyPro Express outputs data in the correct formats, allowing for easy submission.

Future release plans include EddyPro Advanced, which provides scientists with more flexibility for corrections. This will include additional algorithms needed to process data collected from Eddy Covariance systems over uneven topography, and with closed path systems that use long, unheated intake tubes.

For a free EddyPro Express download, go to Learn more about LI-COR at and the NewsLine blog; follow updates on Twitter: @LICOR_ENV or on Facebook.

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