LI‑COR Biosciences and Glen Spectra to conclude distribution agreement


LI‑COR Biosciences and Glen Spectra announce their decision to conclude their distribution agreement effective 31 May 2006.  LI-COR, GmbH will assume these responsibilities 1 June 2006 in conjunction with LI-COR UK Ltd.  This decision reflects other recent changes in LI-COR’s European distribution network and the strategic decision of LI-COR to serve the United Kingdom and Ireland directly.

"Glen Spectra and LI‑COR have had a mutually beneficial relationship since 1982" says Larry Middendorf, vice president of sales and marketing, Environmental Products.  “The decision to conclude our partnership was solely a strategic decision by us and in no way reflects the excellent support Glen Spectra has provided to LI-COR and our customers. Both companies are committed to a smooth transition in order to ensure that customer service and support are provided at the high standards our mutual customers deserve and expect."

In 2005, LI-COR expanded their German subsidiary, LI-COR GmbH, to include LI-COR’s environmental product line for sales and support in Germany and to support its network of European distributors.  LI-COR GmbH, located in Bad Homburg near Frankfurt, was first established in 2001 for sales and support of LI-COR biotechnology products. LI-COR has developed and installed a complete calibration and service facility at LI-COR GmbH which enables LI-COR to offer a similar level of service as is available in the US.

Glen Spectra and its sister company HORIBA Jobin Yvon are specialists in the supply of equipment for Light Measurement and Spectroscopic analysis including Fluorescence, Raman and Elemental .Gratings and optical filters are also offered. Glen Spectra is part of the HORIBA group of companies, with over 4,500 employees globally. Information on the full range of products can be found at and 

LI‑COR Biosciences is a leader in the design, manufacture, and marketing of integrated instrument systems for plant biology, environmental research, biotechnology, and drug discovery.  LI‑COR instruments for photosynthesis, gas analysis and light measurement are recognized worldwide for standard-setting innovation in plant science research and environmental monitoring.  Founded in 1971, the privately held company is based in Lincoln, Nebraska with subsidiaries in Germany and the United Kingdom.   LI‑COR systems are used in over 100 countries and are supported by a global network of offices and distributors.  Further information can be obtained at

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