LI-6400 Remote Internet Monitoring

September 3, 2005

New LI-6400 Instrument Software Enables Remote Monitoring via the Web

OPEN version 5.3 instrument software, released in July, 2005, includes several interface changes. For LI-6400 users running the Leaf Chamber Fluorometer, OPEN 5.3 enables a new multi-level flash option. The multiple intensity flash provides three different light intensities during the flash pulse for hard-to-saturate leaves.

Version 5.3 also adds remote control capability through a connection to the internet. This powerful new feature enables the LI-6400 to be monitored and controlled from a remote computer while the instrument continues to operate normally. This allows LI-COR’s technical support staff to take control of a user’s instrument to diagnose many problems remotely.

Click here to read more about the LI-6400 Portable Photosynthesis System, or click here to read more about OPEN 5.3 instrument software.

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