Lecture Series on Measuring Soil CO2 Flux

September 25, 2007

LI-COR announces a new PowerPoint lecture series on the critical considerations for making accurate measurements of soil CO2 flux. This lecture series, presented as a service to the scientific community, was developed for researchers who wish to know more about soil CO2 flux measurements and how to properly make these measurements. Information is presented as a narrated video slideshow. Run time for the lecture series in its entirety is approximately 2.5 hours.

Covered topics range from why scientists want to know soil CO2 flux information, to available techniques for making the measurement, to requirements for a chamber accumulation measurement system. The presentation then discusses how the LI-8100 Automated Soil CO2 Flux System addresses the critical aspects of making accurate measurements under all conditions.

This lecture series was prepared by LI-COR Senior Applications Scientist Liukang Xu and is presented by LI-COR Vice President of Science and Technology, Dayle McDermitt.

To view the presentation, click here.

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