New Research On Apparent Off-Season Uptake of CO2

November 8, 2005

LI-COR presented research on apparent uptake of CO2 during the off-season shown by open-path CO2 analyzers at the 2005 Science Team Meeting for AmeriFlux on October 18-20 in Boulder, Colorado.

Results showed that energy dissipated in the analyzer head can heat a portion of the air in the optical path and cause measured levels of CO2 to decrease slightly. This effect is stronger when the vertical wind vector is upward, resulting in a systematic under-estimate of CO2 transport to the atmosphere and an apparent CO2 uptake.

As part of this research, a correction for the surface heating effect was proposed and tested. Results of this correction were very promising – most of the wrong signs of off-season CO2 flux rates were eliminated, and there was a significant improvement in off-season integrations of CO2 exchange. Further research is planned.

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