LI-COR offers new tool for mapping soil CO2 concentrations and fluxes

December 6, 2011, Lincoln, Nebraska

Real-time mapping of soil CO2 concentrations and fluxes are recorded by an integrated CO2 mapping tool with GPS unit introduced by LI-COR Biosciences. The 8100-405 CO2 Mapping Kit allows researchers to take ground level CO2 concentration measurements and correlate spatial data with soil CO2 flux observations.

As the need for monitoring greenhouse gases continues to grow, researchers are looking for ways to mitigate climate change from natural and man-made sources. There is currently a push to limit CO2 emissions through Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) technologies. However, one of the concerns with CCS is whether or not the CO2 remains within the geological formations into which it was injected.

"By sampling CO2 concentrations close to the ground, areas of unusually high concentration can be identified for further investigation," says Rod Madsen, LI-COR product manager. "The combination of ground level CO2 concentrations and soil CO2 flux measurements, not only allows identification of potential leaks from sequestration sites, but directly quantifies the leak rates."

The CO2 Mapping Kit is designed to interface with the LI-8100A Soil CO2 Flux System. Expanding on previous monitoring techniques, the new CO2 Mapping Kit allows mapping soil CO2 flux across a given area of interest, or it can be used in a continuous measurement mode to map CO2 concentrations across a transect of interest. The software and application flexibility make the LI-8100A System an industry standard.

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