LI-COR Announces Publication of Eddy Covariance Guide

December 8, 2010, Lincoln, Nebraska

LI-COR Biosciences announces the publication of 'A Brief Practical Guide to Eddy Covariance Flux Measurements.' Written by LI-COR scientists this guide discusses theory behind eddy covariance measurements and correct practical implementation for making those measurements.

"This publication emphasizes the general principles, requirements, applications, and processing steps of the eddy covariance method," says Bill Miller, LI-COR product manager. "It includes information on the concepts of eddy covariance measurements, along with important details that are frequently over looked."

'A Brief Practical Guide to Eddy Covariance Flux Measurements' contains information from numerous academic sources, compiled to provide an easy to understand and objective overview of eddy covariance measurements.

For more information regarding the book or to request a copy click here, or visit the LI-COR booth at the 2010 America Geophysical Union (AGU) Conference, December 14-17th in San Francisco, to receive a complimentary copy.

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