LI-COR Announces 2011 Interactive Environmental Webinars

December 15, 2010, Lincoln, Nebraska

LI-COR Biosciences continues its ongoing commitment to education by announcing new interactive environmental webinars. The 2011 webinars focus on a range of applications that use LI-COR instruments. The webinars are designed to provide customers with scientific knowledge and expertise on LI-COR systems and instruments for environmental research.

The 2011 webinar subjects include: Soil CO₂ flux measurement technique, eddy covariance and data analysis, evapotranspiration, modifying photosynthesis instrumentation for measurements taken at low CO2 concentrations, and controlling humidity while measuring leaf-level gas exchange.

"Our new webinars explain the scientific theory behind our instruments, as well as various applications related to the instrumentation," says Alicia Minzel, Technical Sales Associate. "Being interactive, allows someone attending the webinar to ask our panel of experts questions."

These interactive webinars are free to the scientific community and archived for later viewing. For additional information and registration, or to view previous webinars, click here.

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