Biomet Sensors

Real-time data from biomet sensors can be used by the SmartFlux® system and EddyPro® software for flux computations.

Data Acquisition Module

Designed and manufactured by LI-COR, the Data Acquisition Module collects biomet data and provides the data to the SmartFlux system. These data are time-synchronized with the eddy covariance data sets by EddyPro and can be used in flux calculations and post-processing.

Data Acquisition Module

Why choose the Data Acquisition Module?

Ease of use

Get up and running quickly with a graphical user interface that enables simple configuration with clearly labeled connectors.


Add additional digital, analog, or SDI-12 sensors as needed. Four or more Data Acquisition Modules can be connected together, providing over 72 analog inputs.


Place Data Acquisition Modules up to 50 meters apart within the flux footprint or at top or bottom of the tower.


  • Analog Inputs: 18 single-ended or up to 9 differential inputs
    • 2 with built-in excitation voltage; 5 V; 25 mA
    • 2 Selectable current or voltage
  • Resolution: 24-bit
  • SDI-12 input
  • Digital Inputs/Outputs: 4
    • 5 V logic output
    • 5 V or 3.3 V logic input
  • Switched Voltage Outputs: 3
    • 9 to 30 VDC
    • Up to 1 A, with current sensing
  • 12V Excitation Voltage Output: 1
    • Up to 200 mA
  • Sampling Rate: 1 measurement per second
  • Communications Protocol: RS-485 input and output
  • Power Requirements: +9 to 32 VDC
  • Power Consumption: 0.7 to 1 W
Data Retention Module

Data Retention Module

Designed to mitigate data loss during a power outage, the Data Retention Module provides data logging and smart system controls that prioritize the sonic anemometer, SmartFlux System, Data Acquisition Module, and biomet sensors if the power supply is compromised.

Why choose the Data Retention Module?

The Data Retention Module contains a supplemental backup battery that supplies power to biomet sensors so that they continue to collect data if your main power source is out. This data can then be used for flux gap filling during post-processing.


  • Communication Protocol: RS-485 input and output
  • Configurable Power Outputs: 4
    • Unregulated Power output: 1
    • Regulated power Output: 3 (24 VDC maximum)
  • Power Requirements: +9 to 32 VDC
  • DC/DC Converter: Transforms incoming 9-30 VDC to appropriate 12 VDC levels for sensors and components
  • Back-up Battery Charger: Recharges the backup battery when main power is on and switches to the backup if main power fails
  • Data Storage: 32 MB; over one month of backup biomet data collection, typically

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