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EddyPro® Software is a powerful, free, and open-source application for processing eddy covariance data. Developed in collaboration with the eddy covariance research community, EddyPro uses the most accepted and cited techniques to compute fully processed fluxes of water vapor (evapotranspiration), carbon dioxide, methane, other trace gases, and energy, using the eddy covariance method.

EddyPro is widely adopted by eddy covariance researchers and research networks as their standard processing software, empowering the most accurate cross-comparisons of ecosystem fluxes around the world. The latest version, EddyPro 7, is the only processing software developed in collaboration with FluxNet, AmeriFlux, and the Integrated Carbon Observation System (ICOS), allowing you to consistently meet formatting standards for submission and future synthesis studies.

What’s new in EddyPro 7?

A brand-new main output file, named FLUXNET output, designed in collaboration with the ICOS, AmeriFlux, FluxNet, OzFlux, and ChinaFlux teams to help you consistently meet their consolidated formatting standards. The FLUXNET output features a wide range of new output variables, including new intermediate results, statistics for all high-frequency variables, covariances between all high-frequency variable pairs, and biomet mean values and metadata. With the FLUXNET output, your EddyPro data will be primed for flux network post-processing with automated QC driven by jointly defined new tests, statistics, and variables.

Additional new developments in EddyPro 7 include:

  • New raw data level filtering capabilities (wind direction filter)
  • Improved wind direction statistics
  • Compatibility with new Metek Multi-Path sonic anemometers
  • New QC tests:
    1. Mahrt (1998) Stationarity Test1
    2. Novel Kurtosis Indexed on Differenced Variable (KID) Test
    3. Novel Fisher z-Test to detect dropouts and amplitude resolution issues

When using LI-COR .ghg raw file format, EddyPro 7 now produces the most self-documented, easy-to-process, and reproducible eddy covariance datasets. Effortlessly perform the critical corrections and calculations recommended or required by leading flux networks, and as always, get the same results and performance on your PC or with the EddyPro engine on the SmartFlux™ system.

Need to cite EddyPro 7 in a publication?

When citing EddyPro 7 in your research and/or publications, we recommend the following citations:

  • LI-COR Biosciences. (2021). Eddy Covariance Processing Software (Version 7.0.8) [Software]. Available at www.licor.com/EddyPro.
  • Fratini, G. & Mauder, M. (2014). Towards a consistent eddy-covariance processing: an intercomparison of EddyPro and TK3. Atmospheric Measurement Techniques, 7, pp. 2273-2281. DOI: https://doi.org/10.5194/amt-7-2273-2014.

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Interested in contributing to EddyPro?

Get the source code at the link above and contact us at envsupport@licor.com to get in touch with the EddyPro development team.

EddyPro originates from ECO2S, the Eddy Covariance Community Software project, which was developed as part of the Infrastructure for Measurement of the European Carbon Cycle (IMECC-EU) research project. We gratefully acknowledge the IMECC consortium, the ECO2S development team, the University of Tuscia (Italy) and scientists around the world who assisted with development and testing of the original version of this software. Click here for more information about the ECO2S project.


Mahrt, L. (1998). Flux Sampling Errors for Aircrafts and Towers. Journal of Atmospheric and Oceanic Technology, 15, pp. 416-429.

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Version 7.0.9 | Released 01/27/2022

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