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Get the Right Data

Our leading eddy covariance scientists and engineers work together to solve the most challenging aspects of eddy covariance measurements. The outcome of this collaboration is simple-to-use, highly versatile flux systems that provide dependable results. When designing eddy covariance systems, we do not compromise on quality or take shortcuts.

Gas Analyzers

Used in the majority of CO2 flux towers worldwide. Featuring improved optics for better stability.

Sonic Anemometers

Multiple models and geometries to suit your site. Simple connection and integration.

Biomet System

Pre-programmed logger. Pre-configured enclosure. Customizable for additional sensors.

Remote Communications

Cellular and satellite communication systems provide everything you need to access your system remotely.

Solar Power

Power supplies that will keep your system running almost anywhere in the world.


Withstands 161 km/hr (100 mph) wind gusts with a full load of instruments. Validated by structural engineers.

Gas Analyzers

Each LI-7500RS and LI-7200RS CO2/H2O analyzer includes the SmartFlux 2 System. Simply add a sonic anemometer and you’ll have a complete eddy covariance system. For an advanced system, you can easily add an LI-7700 Open Path CH4 Analyzer for measuring methane fluxes, and a biomet system for additional biological and meteorological measurements.

LI-7500RS Open Path CO2/H2O Analyzer

With low power requirements, the LI-7500RS is ideal for water vapor flux (evapotranspiration) and CO2 flux measurements. It is recommended for sites that are dusty or have infrequent rain, snow, or fog events.

LI-7200RS Enclosed CO2/H2O Analyzer

The LI-7200RS is ideal for environments that have frequent rain, fog or snow, and very low CO2 flux rates. It is available with a thermally insulated intake tube for typical environments, or a heated intake tube that is recommended for humid environments. Using a patented system, the LI-7200RS computes CO2 and H2O dry mole fractions, which simplifies flux calculations and reduces errors in final fluxes.

LI-7700 Open Path CH4 Analyzer

The LI-7700 easily integrates with LI-COR eddy covariance systems. The open path design ensures extremely low power consumption and avoids problems caused by pumps, tubing sorption, and tubing delays. It is easy to add the LI-7700 to LI-COR eddy covariance systems, log methane data with the eddy covariance dataset, and compute final methane flux results in real time with the SmartFlux 2 System.

Sonic Anemometers

LI-COR eddy covariance systems are compatible with almost any sonic anemometer brand and model. Quick-connect cables provide simple, robust connections for common sonic anemometer models. Raw data from the sonic anemometer, gas analyzers, and the biomet system are logged in eddy covariance data files for seamless processing by SmartFlux 2 and EddyPro.

Biomet System and Sensors

LI‑COR eddy covariance systems support a full complement of additional biomet sensors. Data from these sensors are time synchronized with gas analyzer and sonic anemometer data and logged in eddy covariance data files, so they can be used for gap filling and interpreting flux results. They are summarized with EddyPro® Software output and also can be evaluated independently of the eddy covariance data set.

Remote Communications

With cellular or satellite communication, you can keep track of your eddy covariance system no matter where it is deployed.

Solar Power Supplies for Remote Instruments

LI-COR solar power supplies are robust power sources developed to our specifications by SunWize® Technologies. Complete systems are delivered ready for deployment.

Tripod for Eddy Covariance Stations

The 7900-300 Heavy Duty Adjustable Tripod is a sturdy instrument platform for eddy covariance systems, communication antennas, meteorological sensors, and enclosures.

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