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The SmartFlux System

Powered by EddyPro®

The SMARTFlux™ System (Synchronization, Management And Real Time flux system) is a powerful tool for eddy covariance researchers that provides fully processed flux results in real time at the research site.

The SMARTFlux System is fully integrated with the LI-7550 Analyzer Interface Unit, the hub of LI-COR’s greenhouse gas and energy flux systems.

SMARTFlux is the only system available that provides:

  • Automated processing of raw data at the research site using EddyPro® software
  • Fully processed fluxes of sensible heat, latent heat, evapotranspiration, CO2, H2O, and CH4 at the site and in real time
  • Advanced, site-specific raw data processing (in situ spectral correction, planar fit, etc.)
  • GPS time synchronization prevents clock drift and keeps instrument clocks in sync within and across sites
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The SMARTFlux system consists of a hardware component that is integrated into the LI-7550, and features a built-in GPS receiver and a compact processor that runs EddyPro flux processing software. SMARTFlux can be purchased as part of a LI-COR Greenhouse Gas analysis package or as an upgrade to existing systems.

At the heart of the SMARTFlux system is EddyPro, the flux processing software used by more than 3000 scientists and adopted by the major worldwide flux networks, including AmeriFlux and ICOS. As LI-COR greenhouse gas analysis software collects raw data, biometeorological (biomet) data, and metadata, EddyPro seamlessly processes these data to output final flux results in real time.


Why SMARTFlux?

SMARTFlux is an autonomous system that collects data from the LI-7550 and processes it using EddyPro, incorporating corrections such as coordinate rotation, frequency response corrections, and synchronization of variables from all instruments. SMARTFlux also provides a variety of outputs including random error estimates for fluxes, spectra and cospectra, footprint estimates, and daily summary files that are well suited for system diagnostics. The corrections implemented in SMARTFlux enable optimal computation of fluxes to provide the best eddy covariance flux measurements of any commercial system available.


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