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GHG eddy covariance data files


LI-COR now offers eddy covariance processing software.

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To simplify eddy covariance data collection and processing, LI-COR created a new eddy covariance file type called the GHG file (with a .ghg extension). GHG files consist of an archive including the high-speed data (wind speed measurements and gas concentrations/densities) coupled with other project and site information (metadata) that is needed to process the data files. In addition, the archive may include biological and meteorological (biomet) data so EddyPro can summarize measurements from nearly any other sensor at your site to facilitate gap filling and interpretation of results.

What are the benefits of the GHG file?

  • Each file includes all the information needed to compute fluxes.
  • GHG files are stored at a high compression ratio to minimize file size.
  • Simple data processing in EddyPro, requiring little or no additional steps.
  • Account for changing site parameters (e.g., canopy height) in a single data processing project – there is no need to modify anything, so long as all the information in GHG files is accurate.
  • Compute statistics for an eddy covariance dataset in a single data processing project – even if site parameters changed over time.
  • Enables simplified computations of methane fluxes from LI-7700 data, including all spectroscopic corrections.
  • Summarize and use biomet data for gap filling and interpreting flux results.

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