LI-610 Applications

Calibrating Instruments

The LI-610 can be used to calibrate the H2O channels on gas analyzers. An air stream from the LI-610 is directed through a desiccant to set the analyzer's zero, and a second airstream is used to set the span.

The high accuracy and stability of the LI-610 make it an excellent instrument to calibrate relative humidity sensors and to check the calibration of dew point hygrometers. An equation is provided to convert dew point temperature to relative humidity, assuming that temperature is accurately measured. A chart is also provided for quick conversions in the field (see LI-610 Reference Card on the Instruction Manual page).

Controlling Humidity During Photosynthesis Measurements

The LI-610 can provide a continuous air stream of known dew point to photosynthesis and stomatal conductance measurement chambers, or for other applications where a known supply of water vapor is required.

Maintaining Humidity in Chambers

A carefully controlled dew point can be used to maintain conditions in chambers, and to calibrate sensors in enclosures.

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