LI-610 Features


The LI-610 is completely portable with power supplied from the 6200B Rechargeable Battery (optional), or any 12-volt battery. The 6200B provides approximately 4 hours of continuous battery powered operation at 25 °C ambient air temperature and 10 °C dew point. The 6200B requires the LI-6020 Battery Charger for recharging.

For laboratory use, the LI-610 is powered by line voltage (108-126 VAC or 216-252 VAC) using the 610-01 AC Module (included).

Low Maintenance

Routine maintenance consists only of changing the water in the condenser block (weekly under normal operating conditions). Under typical operating conditions, the LI-610 can provide 4 to 8 hours of continuous operation before the condenser needs to be refilled.

Easy Flow Adjustments

A valve on the front panel adjusts the flow rate through two gas exit ports (typically, combined total of 2.0 liters per minute). Rotameters monitor, adjust, or equalize the flow through each exit port.

LCD Display

The LI-610 has an easy-to-read 4 1/2-digit display with 0.01 °C display resolution. Coarse and fine adjustment knobs allow dew point temperature to be set precisely. Actual dew point temperature and battery voltage can also be displayed.

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