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If you have any questions about the LI-610 please feel free to contact us and discuss with our Applications Analysts and Scientists (or your local LI-COR Distributor) how the LI-610 can help you with your research.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q Why can't I just buy an H20 tank to calibrate my instruments with?

A A gas tank will have a changing water vapor concentration based on the current temperature. Because of this, there is not an option to buy a tank that would have a known and constant water vapor concentration. The LI-610 provides a stream of known dew point for calibration purposes.

Q What is the difference between a chilled mirror hygrometer and the LI-610?

A A chilled mirror hygrometer measures the current dew point of a gas, whereas the LI-610 Dew Point Generator produces a stream of gas with a precisely controlled dew point.


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