LI-610 Ordering Information

LI-610 Portable Dew Point Generator: Includes 610-01 AC Module and 610-04 BNC to mV Recorder Leads.

Spare Parts and Accessories

610-02 RH Calibration Accessory: For calibrating humidity sensors in the LI-6200 and LI-1600

610-04 BNC to mV Recorder Leads: For mV input or output. One included with the LI-610; for both mV input and output, order a second 610-04

6200B Rechargeable Battery: 4 hours battery life at 25 °C and 10 °C dew point. Requires LI-6020 to recharge

LI-6020 Batter Charger: 92-138/184-276 VAC, 47-63 Hz, charges up to four batteries simultaneously

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