LI-7000 Advantages

LI-7000 CO2/H2O Analyzer

The LI-7000 CO2/H2O Gas Analyzer is a high performance, high speed, differential gas analyzer designed for laboratory and field uses.


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Why the LI-7000?

  • High precision.
  • Versatility - ideal for a variety of applications, from eddy covariance flux to small volume measurements.
  • Versatile outputs, including high speed Digital-to-Analog converters, USB, and RS-232 enable flexible data transfer options.
  • Field serviceable optical bench - saves time and maintenance costs.
  • Built-in-pressure sensor with 0.1% accuracy, for automatic compensation for pressure changes in the sample cell.
  • Built-in auxiliary pump can be used for either sample or reference cell.
  • Direct connection of air fittings to the optical bench eliminates diffusive leaks.
  • Heat exchangers equilibrate incoming air to the cell temperature.
  • Large diameter inlet ports allow high flow rates with virtually no backpressure, even at flow rates of 10 lpm.
  • Simple Windows® software for setup, control, and data logging. Intelligent diagnostic indicators warn of potential problems, before data are compromised.
  • Two auxiliary input channels for connecting analog signals from additional sensors.