LI-7000 Features

LI-7000 with optical cells removed for cleaning

The LI-7000 provides high performance in an easy-to-use platform. The design is based on years of development and customer input. Numerous innovative features make the LI-7000 an excellent choice for high-precision measurements and long-term monitoring applications, including:

  • USB communications for simple plug-and-play setup, operation, and data collection.
  • RS-232 communication for interfacing with data loggers and computers.
  • A long life, vacuum sealed tungsten filament source. This source has low power consumption, and is highly stable.
  • Nickel-plated optical cells minimize water sorption.
  • The optical cells can be removed and cleaned in the field without requiring factory recalibration.
  • Sampling cells and internal chemicals are in easily accessible areas of the analyzer. This minimizes the need for factory service, saving you down time and money.

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