LI-7000 Software

The LI‑7000 is easily configured using either the Windows® interface software or through the simple instrument interface. LI-7000 Software Main Window Both offer the full suite of configuration options and graphical data displays. In addition, configuration command strings can be sent to the LI‑7000, making it an ideal choice for applications that require automated control.

The instrument display is a large 40 x 8 character backlit LCD display that shows measured values in real time. Up to 8 variables can be viewed on a single display screen. Over 40 measured and diagnostic variables, including CO2 and H2O measurements as mole fraction, partial pressure, dew point, or raw absorptance are available for viewing on the display. Real time graphics mode allows up to three variables to be charted at a time. You can easily toggle between graphical and numeric displays with the press of a button.

LI‑7000 Display screenshots:

LI-7000 Display LI-7000 Display

LI-7000 Software Downloads

The LI-7000 software consists of instrument (embedded) and Windows® Interface Software. To avoid a configuration error upon initial connection, update both embedded (instrument) and Windows interface software.

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