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If you have an LI-7200, upgrade to the LI-7200RS to take advantage of the improved optics and temperature controls.

Why Upgrade?

  • Full factory calibration and performance validation included with the factory upgrade package.
  • Reduced contamination-related drift improves stability of measurements over time.
  • Refined temperature control software for the optical source and detector.



High speed, high precision measurements
High-speed temperature and pressure measurements of the sampled air for more accurate CO2 and H2O fluxes
Low power requirements
Logs data from a sonic anemometer
Logs complete, self-contained eddy covariance datasets (.ghg files)
Datasets can include soil, weather, and other data (biomet data) from the LI-COR Biomet System
Easily add an LI-7700 Open Path CH4 Analyzer for a 3-gas flux system
SmartFlux® System included for processing fully corrected final flux results with EddyPro® Software as data are logged
FluxSuite™-ready for monitoring your research site on a secure web service for single towers and flux networks
Improved optics for increased stability and contamination resistance  
Advanced temperature control algorithms  

For additional discounts, you can combine the upgrade with eddy covariance sensors, such as the LI-7700, biomet system, a sonic anemometer, tripod and more.

Contact LI-COR or your local distributor for upgrade information.

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