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The LI-7700 can be easily added to existing CO2/H2O eddy covariance systems. The LI-7700 can be interfaced with existing data loggers and paired with existing sonic anemometers (equipped with analog outputs) to add methane measurements to your current site. Contact LI-COR to discuss your instrument setup and the different options available to incorporate an LI-7700 into your system. Some options include:

Current LI-7500A or LI-7200 users can add methane measurements to your systems by simply installing the LI-7700, connecting the Ethernet cable, and applying power.

The GHG-3 package is a system upgrade for current LI-7500 users wishing to take advantage of the data logging capabilities of the LI-7550 and the ability to create GHG data files. The LI-COR custom GHG file format combines high-speed greenhouse gas and wind speed measurements with information on the research site and instrumentation for use with EddyPro flux calculation software.

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GHG-3 Features:

  • Upgrade your existing LI-7500 analyzer to an LI-7500A and add the LI-7700
  • Measures CH4, CO2, and H2O with as little as 20 W of power
  • Operates without filters or pumps
  • No time delays or signal attenuation due to tubing
  • Sensors are easily co-located with the sonic anemometer sample volume

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Current LI-7500 users who prefer to continue using a Campbell Scientific®, Inc. datalogger can connect the LI-7700 to the datalogger with the SDM outputs from the Analyzer Interface Unit. LI-COR provides a diagnostic flux computation program that can be used to process diagnostic flux data on the datalogger in real time. Contact LI-COR technical support for more information and to request a copy of the program.

Researchers who are currently collecting data with computers or Ethernet enabled dataloggers can use the LI-7700 analog inputs to connect sonic anemometer signals, and collect all of their methane and sonic anemometer data via the LI-7700 Ethernet output.

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