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Windows interface software (included) allows easy configuration of the LI-7700. The intuitive user interface provides full control of logging configuration options, auxiliary inputs, and data outputs. Mirror heaters and cleaning settings can be programmed easily with the graphical Manual Controls window.

The LI-7700 measures methane density. To process fluxes from raw methane densities, LI-COR provides EddyPro™, a powerful application that computes fluxes of momentum, carbon dioxide, water vapor, methane, and other trace gases with the eddy covariance method. In Express Mode, EddyPro quickly processes data with commonly used settings. Advanced Mode presents a variety of choices for experts needing flexibility and control over their data processing options.

For GHG system users, integrated CH4, CO2, and H2O data files are logged to the LI-7550 USB drive in LI-COR's custom GHG file format. The GHG file format combines high-speed greenhouse gas and wind speed measurements with information on the research site and instruments (metadata), making it possible to process lengthy eddy covariance datasets in EddyPro in a few simple steps.

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The LI-7700 software consists of instrument (embedded) and Windows® Interface Software. To avoid a configuration error upon initial connection, update both embedded (instrument) and Windows interface software.

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