System Components

LI-7700 Open Path CH4 Analyzer

The LI‑7700 makes in-situ measurement of methane density with the resolution, speed, and stability required for the eddy covariance technique.

  • Designed for field use
  • Easily integrates into flux towers
  • Long-term, low maintenance operation
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LI‑7700 CH4 Analyzer

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LI‑7550 Analyzer Interface Unit (Optional)

The LI‑7550 houses the digital signal processing electronics for the analyzer, provides high-speed long-term data logging, and includes a network connection for system configuration and data download. The weatherized case mounts directly to an instrument tower and does not require an enclosure or temperature regulation.

  • Collect high-speed scalar and vector data in a single data file
  • Ethernet connectivity for remote system monitoring, configuration, and data transfer
  • Log high-speed eddy covariance data to a removable USB drive
  • Automatic data download
  • On-the-go data compression
  • Logged data imports directly into EddyPro eddy covariance flux processing software

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