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Advantages for
System Integration

Thanks to its versatility and features, the LI‑820 is used in numerous systems manufactured and sold by other companies around the world. Contact LI‑COR to ask about modified configurations and discounted pricing. LI‑COR can work with you to facilitate integration of the LI‑820 into your product or system.

Special Pricing and modified configurations are available

Contact LI-COR for details

LI-840 Assembled for OEM

Advantages for system integration include:

  • High speed monitoring
  • High stability and accuracy
  • 1 ppm RMS signal noise
  • Choice of data outputs (XML, RS-232, linear and scalable DACS)
  • Wide measurement range (up to 20,000 ppm)
  • User-cleanable optical bench
  • No factory recalibration required
  • Long Source Life
  • Little or no maintenance needed
  • Built-in pressure and temperature sensors
  • Low and high CO2 alarm signals

Why the LI-820?

The LI‑820 XML communication protocol provides easy integration and complete control of the analyzer. Automatic temperature and pressure compensation ensures accurate, stable readings over a variety of environmental conditions.

The user-cleanable optical bench reduces potential down-time and saves money because factory cleaning and recalibration are not required. There is no need to change components or recalibrate when measuring high concentrations. The optical source is field-replaceable without factory service or calibration.

The LI‑820 features high and low alarms, which activate LED indicators and electronic control signals (open drain or TTL (0-5 V) output) when CO2 levels are outside a user-specified range. The alarms also provide user-configurable dead-band settings for advanced regulatory feedback controls.

Versatile output options, including scalable linear analog outputs, current loop outputs, and XML communications allow you to choose the data output method that is best for your application.

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