LI-820 Software

LI-820 Software Charting Screenshot
Chart: Real-time strip charts can be printed or saved to a file.
LI-820 Software Main Window Screenshot
Main Window: The LI‑820 communications software main window displays CO2 concentration and status of settings.
LI-820 Software Settings Screenshot
Settings: Operational parameters are easily changed in the settings window.

The LI‑820 comes with a Windows® interface software for instrument configuration, control, data collection, and display. Your choice of parameters (CO2, cell pressure, or cell temperature) can be output via fully calibrated voltage or current outputs. In addition, 0-5V alarm relay outputs can be connected to audible alarms, relay switches, automatic dialers, pumps, or valves in industrial settings. The LI‑820 is connected to the computer via an RS-232 DB9 serial cable connection.

For complete integration of the LI‑820 into other equipment controls for OEM applications, the instrument also features a communication protocol based on a subset of the eXtensible Markup Language (XML). XML is a simple text-based language that allows you to communicate with the LI‑820 using simple text strings sent bi-directionally between your computer and the instrument over the RS-232 port. Using XML, the LI‑820 can be polled for data at user-defined intervals, globally reconfigured, or configured to perform automatic calibration routines, for example.

LI-820 Software Downloads

The LI‑820 software consists of instrument (embedded) and Windows® Interface Software. To avoid a configuration error upon initial connection, update both embedded (instrument) and Windows interface software.

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