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of the LI-840A

Drawing on our expertise in developing cutting-edge analyzers for the most demanding research applications, LI‑COR designed the LI‑840A CO2/H2O Analyzer for continuous monitoring applications that require accuracy, durability, and ease of use. The LI‑840A is an absolute, non-dispersive infrared (NDIR) gas analyzer based upon a single path, dual wavelength infrared detection system. This low-maintenance, high-performance monitoring solution gives accurate, stable readings over a wide range of environmental conditions.

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OEM/System Integration

  • High stability and accuracy
  • Versatile output options
  • Special pricing and modified configurations are available
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Key Features:

  • Easy integration into monitoring systems.
  • Wide Measurement Range: 0–20,000 ppm (0–2%) for CO2 and 0–60 mmol/mol for H2O (dry air to 36 °C dew point).
  • Wide Operating Temperature: -20° to +45°C.
  • Low Power Consumption: Less than 4W after power-up.
  • Low Noise: Less than 1 ppm @ 370 ppm for CO2, less than 0.01 mmol/mol at 10 mmol/mol for H2O with 1 second signal averaging.
  • Flow Rate: Maximum of 1 liter/minute.
  • Real-Time, Corrected Readings: On-board sensors measure and correct for changes in cell temperature and pressure.
  • CO2 concentrations are corrected for band-broadening due to water vapor.
  • User-Cleanable Optics: The optical bench can be easily cleaned by the user. This reduces down-time from contamination and eliminates the need for factory recalibration.
  • Estimated 2+ year source life in continuous operation. The source is field-replaceable without factory calibration.

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