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LI‑840A CO2/H2O Gas Analyzer:

Includes LI‑840A CO2/H2O Analyzer with 14 cm optical path (0-20,000 ppm CO2 range and 0-80 mmol/mol H2O range), spare parts kit, 2 disposable air filters, optical path cleaning kit, Windows® Interface Software, 9-pin RS-232 cable, and a serial-to-USB adapter. Requires external power source. Pump not included.

800-401 AC Power Supply (110 VAC):

18 VDV output, 800 mA, for indoor use only. An AC power supply is required if an alternative power source is not available.

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LI-820 CO2 Analyzer assembled for OEM applications

The LI-840A is an excellent choice for OEM applications

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