LAI GPS mapping in Google Earth LAI GPS mapping in Google Earth

LAI profile — Graphically illustrates differences in LAI along a path

GPS Integration

The LAI-2200C includes an integrated global positioning system (GPS).

For light scattering corrections

The GPS module generates the latitude, longitude, and UTC data used to determine solar position for light scattering corrections when operating under direct sunlight.

For mapping Leaf Area Index

Each above or below-canopy reading can be paired with GPS data for that location. In addition, “tagging” logs GPS data for your location whenever a numbered key is pressed (1–9) while GPS is enabled. Using files containing GPS data, the FV2200 PC application generates KML files for viewing on Google Earth. Parameter choices include:

  • Average LAI (illustrated by column height)
  • LAI Profile (3-D illustration along a path)
  • Polygons (delineating a study site)
  • Path for “above” or “below” readings

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