LI‑3050C Transparent Belt Conveyor Accessory

In the laboratory, the LI‑3050C can be used to make fast and accurate measurements of detached leaves.

LI-3050C Belt Conveyor Accessory

The LI‑3050C feeds detached leaves through the LI‑3000C Scanning Head.

LI-3050C Belt Conveyor Accessory and LI-3000C Scanning Head

The LI‑3000C Scanning Head slides into the back of the LI‑3050C Conveyor Accessory.

The LI‑3000C scanning head slides into the LI‑3050C Transparent Belt Conveyer Accessory assembly such that the upper and lower belts pass through the scanning head (below). In this mode the conveyer belt moves at a constant speed to provide the encoded length information to the LI‑3000C (the length encoding cord is not used).

Samples are placed on the lower transparent belt and allowed to pass through the LI‑3000C scanning head. Accumulated area is shown on the LI‑3000C display as the sample(s) passes through the scanning head. When the system is used in RealTime Capture mode, new interface software allows data to be displayed, accumulated, and logged on a PC. The measurement is initiated using the reset button located on the front panel of the LI‑3050C.

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