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Frequently Asked Questions

Q How long will the LI‑3000C battery last in the field?

A As the internal battery ages, the battery life will diminish but you can expect about 12 hours of use from a fully charged battery in the field.

Q How does the LI‑3050C Transparent Belt Conveyor Accessory differ from the LI‑3100C Area Meter?

A Both instruments allow you to run harvested samples rapidly. The LI‑3100C lab area meter is much larger and it should allow you to measure samples more quickly than the LI‑3050C. One advantage of the LI‑3000C with the LI‑3050C is the option for both non-destructive and destructive sampling. An advantage of the LI‑3100C is that it provides fine (0.1 mm2) or coarse (1.0 mm2) resolution, whereas the LI‑3100C has only one resolution (1 mm2).

Q What is the LI‑3000CAP?

A The LI‑3000CAP Conveyor Accessory Package includes the LI‑3000C and the LI‑3050C. This package provides cost savings over buying each item separately.

Q How is the LI‑3000C different than the LI‑3000A or LI‑3000?

A The LI‑3000C has a new Windows Interface software that displays leaf length, average and maximum width in addition to area and accumulated area. It has USB data transfer as well. The LI‑3050C Transparent Belt Accessory replaces the older LI‑3050A. The LI‑3050A cannot be used with the LI‑3000C, as the motor in the LI‑3050A will not receive power. The LI‑3050C, however, is compatible with the older LI‑3000 and LI‑3000A.

Q How do I measure irregular or damaged leaves?

A A transparent sheath (user supplied) can be used to measure detached leaves and other objects that are too fragile to pass through the scanning head. When measuring samples that are highly irregular or small, such as damaged leaves with complex margins, roots, thin grasses, etc., accuracy can be improved by changing the 3000 threshold to 80. This compensates for light lost as it passes through the sheath, and sets the edge counting criteria back to near 50%.

Q How large/small can the samples be?

A The sample dimensions for the LI‑3000C Portable Area Meter scanning head are:

Width: 127mm max, 1mm minimum
Thickness: 8 mm maximum
Length: 1 meter maximum

The sample dimensions for the LI‑3050 Transparent Belt Conveyor Accessory are:

Width: 127mm maximum, 1 mm minimum
Thickness: 7.5 mm maximum
Length: Unlimited

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