Frequently Asked Questions

Q How fast can I run samples through the LI-3100C?

A The LI-3100C can sample leaves very quickly. It will probably take you longer to grab another leaf and place it on the belt than it will take for the LI-3100C to finish measuring the previous leaf. A typical user can run hundreds of leaves per hour. The conveyor belt speed is 8.0 cm s-1 at 60Hz and 6.7 cm s-1 at 50Hz.

Q How much maintenance is required on the LI-3100C?

A Very little maintenance is required when using the LI-3100C. Over time the upper and lower transparent belts may need to be cleaned, adjusted or replaced. Beyond the belts and keeping the instrument clean, very little maintenance is required. The transparent belts can be cleaned with warm water and hand dishwashing detergent.

Q The LI-3100C has two resolutions. How do I know when to use each one?

A The LI-3100C utilizes the full measurement width at all times, for both 0.1 and 1.0 mm2 resolution. The 0.1 mm2 resolution provides the best accuracy, particularly with complex shaped leaves, or very small leaves (0.5 mm2 or less in width).

The 1.0 mm2 resolution may be preferable where large leaves are being measured, or if the buildup of debris on the belts causes spurious counts.

Q How large/small can the samples be?

A The length of the sample is unlimited and the maximum width is 25.4 cm. The minimum sample width is 1.5 mm.

Q What if I can't run all the leaf samples in one day?

A If you are harvesting many leaves and literally have thousands of leaves to measure, it is best to store the leaves in a cool, moist environment, such as a refrigerator. Under the right conditions these leaves will maintain their integrity for days so samples can be run in time.

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