Making Measurements with the LI-3100C Area Meter

miscanthus leaves measured by the LI-3100C tall miscanthus leaves

Emily Doherty, (Above) near a field of Miscanthus and Rhea Kessman (left photo) measuring leaf area of harvested Miscanthus with the LI-3100 Area Meter at University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

photos courtesy of
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Samples are placed between fixed guides on the lower transparent belt and allowed to pass through the LI-3100C. As a sample travels under the fluorescent light source, the projected object is reflected by a system of three mirrors to a linear array camera within the rear housing. This unique optical design results in high accuracy, dependability and speed.

An adjustable press roller flattens curled leaves and feeds them properly between the transparent belts. This makes it possible to accurately measure leaf area of small grasses, legumes, aquatic plants, and similar types of leaves.

As the sample passes under the light source, the accumulating area, in cm2, is shown on the LED display or on a computer screen when using the Windows® software.

Cleaning is simplified by convenient access to all the belt surfaces and mirrors. The transparent belts are rugged and durable; scratching and hazing are minimal long-term considerations. Fluorescent lamp and transparent belts can easily be replaced.

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