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LI-6400XT Applications

The LI-6400XT Portable Photosynthesis System provides a stable platform for a variety of applications. Designed for publication-quality research, the flexibility and versatility of the LI-6400XT make it ideal for a wide range of studies from broad leaf gas exchange to insect respiration. LI-COR's chambers for the LI-6400XT are carefully designed and constructed to provide the highest accuracy and precision with minimal environmental disturbance.

Learn more about the following applications related to the LI-6400XT:

arabidopsisArabidopsis arid gas exchangeArid Gas Exchange bryophyteBryophyte C4 photosynthesisC4 Photosynthesis chlorophyll fluorescenceChlorophyll
Leaf AreaEntomology gas exchange and fluorescenceGas Exchange
& Fluorescence
grassland photosynthesisGrassland Photosynthesis photosynthesisPhotosynthesis RespirationRespiration Soil FluxSoil Flux thick leavesThick Leaves turfTurf

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