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6400-02B LED Light Source

measuring corn with the 6400-02B LED Light Source

This Red/Blue Light Source not only provides red actinic light source to drive photosynthesis, but also provides a blue component to control stomata. Red LED's are used to provide radiant output at 665 nm, while blue LED's provide output at 470 nm. The output of the blue LED's is crucial for studying stomatal kinetics (Zeiger, et al., 1987) .

The 6400-02B is designed for easy field operation. Mounting is as simple as replacing the upper half of the standard leaf chamber with the light source.

The 6400-02B LED Light Source is totally integrated with the hardware and software of the LI-6400 Portable Photosynthesis System, providing maximum ease-of-use and application flexibility.

The LED Light Source can produce light intensities from 0 to 2000 µmol m-2 s-1. The use of LED's with low power consumption makes the 6400-02B a practical light source because of its small size and ability to operate from the LI-6400's main battery.

Includes 6400-33 White Polyethylene Foam Gaskets.

6400-02B Brochure

Sharkey, T.D. and T. Ogawa. 1987. Stomatal responses to light. in Stomatal Function. Ed. E. Zeiger, G.D. Farquhar and I.R. Cowan. Stanford University Press, Stanford, CA. 503pp.

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