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6400-22L Lighted Conifer Chamber

6400-22L Red & blue light sources LI-6400XT with 6400-22L Lighted Conifer Chamber

The 6400-22L Package combines the 6400-22 Opaque Conifer Chamber and the 6400-18A RGB Light Source, which are also available separately. The 6400-22 is constructed with an opaque plastic material that has excellent resistance to water sorption. It is designed to mate with the 6400-18A RGB Light Source so that users can make response curve measurements on short-needle conifers in the field.

Conifer sprigs up to 7.5 cm long, with needles up to 3.5 cm long can be placed in the 6400-22. A reflective interior reflects light from the RGB Light Source back onto the underside of the conifer sprig, providing excellent uniformity. Ambient light is measured with an external quantum sensor mounted to a chamber support bracket. Leaf temperature is computed using an energy balance equation based on the air temperature of the exiting air, measured by a thermocouple suspended in the air exhaust port.

With the 6400-22 Lighted Conifer Chamber Package, CO2 and light response curves can be generated automatically, as light intensities can be held constant. The 6400-18A is a 7-cm diameter LED light source with three independent wavelengths that can be combined in any proportion, including white light (100% each of red, green, and blue). Temperature and humidity can also be controlled inside the chamber.

Powering the 6400-18A RGB Light Source

The 6400-18A is powered separately from the LI-6400/LI-6400XT; an AC Power Supply and an DC Adapter (p/n 9964-126) are included. The DC Adapter has bare wire leads for connecting to a user-supplied battery.

An optional 6400-28 Battery Belt Kit is available to power the 6400-18A in the field. The Battery Belt Kit contains a charger, a waist/shoulder pack that holds a single rechargeable NiMH battery, and a hot swap box for connecting a second battery without power interruption. One battery will power the RGB Light Source for 2-5 hours, depending on desired light intensities. Extra batteries are available under part number 9964-122. The batteries require about 6 hours to recharge; only one battery can be recharged at a time. Extra battery chargers are available as well, under part number 9964-138.

Instrument Software Compatibility

The 6400-18A RGB Light Source and 6400-22 Opaque Conifer Chamber both require LI-6400/LI-6400XT OPEN Software V6.1 or above. Some instruments may require a digital board upgrade to run V6.1. Contact LI-COR for upgrade details.

6400-22L Lighted Conifer Chamber Brochure

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