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LI-6400XT Accessories

6400-70 AC Module

6400-70 AC Module

The new 6400-70 AC Module allows the LI-6400XT to be powered from mains power. It consists of a transformer and a separate battery-shaped unit that fits in the LI-6400XT console. When used with a battery, the 6400-70 will trickle charge the battery, which also provides for continued operation in the event of a mains power failure.

Download 6400-70 AC Module Brochure

9964-098 Leg Extension Set

Leg Extension Set

Extend the height of the LI-6400XT standard console legs an additional 12 in. Simply hand-tighten the extensions onto the standard console leg, and attach to the console as normal.

9964-053 Sample Cell Outlet Manifold

The manifold allows users to isolate the LI-6400XT sample gas analyzer so that it can be used as a stand-alone gas analyzer. The 9964-053 replaces the standard LI-6400XT bottom chamber.

Download 9964-053 Sample Cell Outlet Manifold Brochure

Dark Adapting Clips

Dark Adapting Clips

An accessory for the 6400-40 Leaf Chamber Fluorometer that allows you to dark-adapt leaf samples is now available. Each Dark Adapting Clip consists of two "shutters", and a clip that secures the shutters over the leaf. The Dark Adapting Clip (with the shutters in the closed position) is attached to the leaf; after the leaf is fully dark-adapted, the clip is secured to the Leaf Chamber Fluorometer, the shutters are opened, and the measurement is taken. A kit including 10 clips and 10 sets of shutters is available (part number 9964-091).

Download Dark Adapting Clips Brochure

Low CO2 Modification

8100-664 Trace Gas Sampling Kit

The Trace Gas Sampling Kit replaces the chamber exhaust tube on the LI‑6400XT and allows samples to be taken with a syringe from the air-stream exiting the leaf chamber.

Download more information

6400-88 Expanded Temperature Control Kit

6400-88 Expanded Temperature Control Kit

The 6400-88 Expanded Temperature Control Kit is an accessory for the LI-6400XT Portable Photosynthesis System that is used to increase the range of temperature control of the system sensor head block.

  • Will not affect normal operation, so can be left in place after installation
  • Expands the temperature control range of the chamber block
  • Easy installation

Download the 6400-88 Expanded Temperature Control Kit Brochure

6400-926 XT Upgrade Kit

Upgrade your LI-6400 with the 6400-926 XT Upgrade Kit

The 6400-926 Upgrade Kit converts your LI-6400 to an LI-6400XT. The kit can be user installed, or the instrument can be returned to LI-COR or a LI-COR distributor for installation.

What does the Upgrade Kit include?

  • Digital board with 400MHz processor
  • Compact Flash/Ethernet card slot
  • New instrument case with access door to expansion slot
  • Compact Flash card
  • Ethernet Card Adapter
  • Ethernet Cable
  • OPEN Version 6 software
  • LI-6400XT manual set

NEW! Save money by taking advantage of the new 6400-40DBX value package, which includes the 6400-40 Leaf Chamber Fluorometer (with spares kit and instruction manual) and the 6400-926 XT Upgrade Kit with OPEN version 6 software. To learn more about the 6400-926 XT Upgrade Kit, click here, or contact LI-COR or your LI-COR distributor for more details.

Download the 6400-926 XT Upgrade Kit Brochure

Low CO2 Modification

Low CO2 modification

The low CO2 modification enables the LI‑6400XT to control chamber CO2 concentrations down to 0 μmolCO2 molair-1 with 1 μmolCO2 molair-1 resolution, for measuring C4 plant response to low intercellular CO2 (Ci).

  • Better CO2 response curves for C4 plants
  • Modification can be done by the user
  • Reversible

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