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Chambers for Grasses

6400-02B Red/Blue LED Light Source

6400-02B LED Light Source

The 6400-02B LED source is designed with red and blue LEDs (665 and 470 nm, respectively) to provide uniform intensities up to full sunlight (~2,000 µmol m-2 s-1) over an area of 6 cm2. Mounting simply requires replacement of the upper half of the standard leaf chamber. Powered from the LI-6400XT console, the 02B allows the light intensity to be automatically controlled, which is especially critical for response curve measurements.

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6400-07 Needle Chamber

6400-07 Needle Chamber

The 6400-07 has a 2 x 6 cm aperture and is specially designed to accommodate long-needled conifers. The chamber has foam mounting pads that hold up to five needles in the chamber. The chamber top and bottom have replaceable clear Propafilm® windows for excellent light transmittance. A quantum sensor in the chamber measures light intensity at the plane of the needles.

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6400-11 Narow Leaf Chamber

6400-11 Narrow Leaf Chamber

The 6400-11 has a 2 x 6 cm aperture and is ideal for foliage with narrow-bladed leaves. The chamber top has a Propafilm® window and a PAR sensor for light measurement at the leaf plane, while the chamber bottom is equipped with a thermocouple for measuring leaf temperature.

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6400-40 Leaf Chamber Fluorometer

6400-40 Leaf Chamber Fluorometer

The 6400-40 Leaf Chamber Fluorometer enables the simultaneous measurement of chlorophyll fluorescence and gas exchange over the same leaf area. The 6400-40 is designed with a uniform, integrated LED light source and PAM fluorometer that easily attaches to the LI-6400XT sensor head, giving the user complete control of the environment surrounding the 2 cm2 leaf area. Measurements of combined gas exchange and fluorescence expand the LI-6400XT's usefulness in assessing a plant's response to stress (read more).

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6400-08 Clear Chamber Bottom

6400-08 Clear Chamber Bottom

The 2 x 3 cm Clear Chamber Bottom has a Propafilm® window similar to the standard chamber top and is designed for use with any 2 x 3 cm chamber top. Illuminating the bottom of a leaf may be important for survey measurements and erect foliage.

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