LI-6800 Portable Photosynthesis System

Portable Photosynthesis System

A new experience in gas exchange and
fluorescence research

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Measuring photosynthesis with the LI-6400XT

LI-6400XT Measurements

The LI-6400XT's flexible software and user controls allow for a variety of measurements, from quick snapshots of photosynthetic rate to multi-factor response curves. Photosynthetic responses to environmental variables such as light, CO2, humidity and temperature can also be measured to examine the underlying biochemical limitations.

CO2 Response Curve:

CO2 response graph

Light Response Curve

Light response graph

Humidity Response Curve

Humidity response graph

Two-Factor Response Curves

Sunflower Response Surface

Two-factor response curve surface for a Helianthus annuus (Sunflower) (measured at three light intensities over a range of intercellular [CO2] (Ci). The limiting effect of irradiance level (incident PAR) is evident at Ci above 150 µmol mol-1. The surface is fitted to the experimental data using a filled contour plot (SigmaPlot10.0)®.

The newest version of the LI-6400XT software now supports response curves with two changing environmental conditions. For example, CO2 response curves can be measured over several light intensities. The acclimation time for each environmental condition is independently controlled, ensuring the best response for your plant type and conditions.

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