The LI-6400XT Sensor Head makes precise measurements

Proven Performance

The LI‑6400XT has two absolute CO2 and two absolute H2O non-dispersive infrared gas analyzers that provide superior performance in a field-portable system.

The gas analyzers are in the sensor head, which allows for real-time measurements with leaf-level environmental feedback control. This is not possible when analyzers are in the console.

The analyzers are robust and user-cleanable, leading to long-term reliability.

Changes in leaf dynamics are measured in real-time without delays caused by tubing. This allows you to measure the effects of subtle changes in environmental variables such as light and CO2 concentration. Real-time measurements enable the LI‑6400XT to precisely control the chamber CO2 concentration to within 1 µmol mol-1, which is critical for measurements like light response curves.

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