LI-6800 Portable Photosynthesis System

Portable Photosynthesis System

A new experience in gas exchange and
fluorescence research

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LI-6400XT Instrument Software

  • Real-time graphs and numerical data can be viewed on the console
  • Simple control of chamber conditions and logging parameters
  • Built in programs make generating response curves fast, easy and customizable
  • Control and monitor the LI-6400XT remotely via the Internet through the LI6400XTerm software while in your office or classroom
  • Simulator software is ideal for teaching and presentations

Unparalleled Flexibility: In addition to standard gas exchange parameters like photosynthesis and conductance rates other computed parameters include: intercellular CO2 and H2O concentrations, vapor pressure deficit and others. Using the on-board editor, you can access and modify an existing list of computations. Programs and data are stored in an Excel-ready format including embedded equations for quick recalculations. Data are also stored in ASCII format.

New software updates are free and available on our website, guaranteeing that your instrument will stay current.

LI-6400XT Terminal iPhone/iPad app

LI-6400XT Terminal App for iPhone® & iPad®

Control the LI-6400XT from your iPad or iPhone

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