LI-6400XT Training CD

LI-COR's strong commitment to outstanding technical support for the LI-6400/6400XT Portable Photosynthesis System has expanded with the introduction of training CDs.

What is it?

The LI-6400XT Training CD (part number 6400-512) is intended to serve as an introduction and overview of the operation of the LI-6400XT Portable Photosynthesis System. It contains information on both the hardware and software operation of the system. The CD contains more than three hours of instruction and information ranging from assembly of the system to daily maintenance, configuration for different experimental protocols, software overview, making measurements, and more.

Who Benefits?

The first-time user of the LI-6400XT, new graduate and/or undergraduate students, technicians or researchers who want to learn the proper use and maintenance of the LI-6400XT, as well as anyone who wants a refresher course about the instrument.

CD Content

The CD is organized chronologically into individual information modules, starting with what to expect when you first unpack the instrument, and concluding with how to efficiently manage the data collected.

Product Specifications

Part NumberDescription
6400-512LI-6400XT Training CD
6400-513LI-6400XT Training Set
(5 CD Package)

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Summary of the CD Contents:

  • Introduction
    • Initial Setup
    • Installing Accessories
  • Software Introduction
    • Open Screen
    • Welcome Screen
    • Shortcuts
    • Utility Screen
    • Configuration Screen
  • Getting Ready
    • Calibration
    • Daily Preparation Checklist
  • Making a Measurement
    • Measurements
    • New Measurements Screen
    • Making Measurements Screen
  • Data Handling
    • File Exchange Screen
    • Recomputing data

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