LI-6800 Chambers

The LI-6800 is available with variety of leaf chambers, which enable you to measure gas exchange from leaves of nearly any shape and size, and under a variety of light conditions. For other applications the Custom Chamber Adapter allows you to connect a homemade chamber to the LI-6800's differential gas analyzer.

6800-01 Multiphase Flash Fluorometer

Multiphase Flash Fluorometer

The Multiphase Flash Fluorometer (6800-01) is a combined light source and chamber for simultaneous measurements of gas exchange and chlorophyll a fluorescence from the same 6-cm2 leaf area. The light source includes a Pulse Amplitude Modulated (PAM) fluorometer, which provides a highly uniform light field over the leaf surface. Capable of saturation flash intensities up to 16,000 µmol m-2 s-1, the fluorometer measures dark-adapted (Fo, Fm, Fv/Fm) and light-adapted (Fs, Fm’, Fo’, ETR) parameters, as well as induction kinetics (OJIP). Supports the Multiphase Flash Fluorescence protocol to accurately extrapolate Fm’ in leaves that are difficult to light saturate.

6800 Large Light Source

Large Light Source

The Large Light Source (6800-03) provides irradiance with any combination of red, green, blue, and white light (up to 2400, 1000, 2000, and 1500 µmol m-2 s-1 respectively). It features a precision reflector to provide highly uniform lighting of the leaf surface. An integrated silicon photodiode measures PAR above the leaf to provide real-time measurements of irradiance in the chamber. The Large Light Source is compatible with the Bryophyte Chamber and Small Plant Chamber.

6800-12 3x3 Clear Leaf Chamber

3x3 cm Light Source

The 3x3 cm Light Source (6800-02) mounts directly onto the 3x3 cm Clear-top Leaf Chamber. It provides 0 to 2,500 µmol m-2 s-1 total PAR, with individually controlled red (0 – 2000 µmol m-2 s-1) and blue (0 – 500 µmol m-2 s-1) light. Featuring advanced reflector design and careful LED placement, the light source provides uniform illumination of the leaf surface. An integrated silicon photodiode measures PAR output from the LEDs, providing real-time feedback to control chamber illumination.

6800-12 3x3 Clear Leaf Chamber

3x3 cm Clear-top Leaf Chamber

The standard 3x3 cm Clear-top Leaf Chamber (6800-12) has a durable, transparent top for ambient-lighted CO2 and H2O flux measurements. The optional 3x3 cm Light Source attaches directly to this chamber. Leaf temperature is measured by a high-precision thermocouple mounted in the chamber, while a Gallium Arsenide Phosphide (GaAsP) photodiode measures photosynthetically active radiation (PAR) inside the chamber. Plated surfaces minimize H2O adsorption. Durable gaskets form a seal around irregular leaf surfaces.

6800 Small Plant Chamber

Small Plant Chamber

The Small Plant Chamber (6800-17) enables the measurements of whole Arabidopsis thaliana plants, other small rosettes, or short canopies such as turf in 65 mm (2.5 inch) pots or 38 mm (1.5 inch) Cone-tainers. The Small Plant Chamber features a transparent Propafilm for measurements under ambient light. It is compatible with the Large Light Source, which enables measurements under controlled lighting with any combination of red, green, blue and white light.

Bryophyte Chamber

Bryophyte Chamber

The Bryophyte Chamber (6800-24) is used to measure CO2 and H2O gas exchange from mosses, hornworts, liverworts, and lichens. The chamber holds loose material in a shallow well during the measurement. It features a clear Propafilm top for measurements under ambient lighting conditions. It is compatible with the Large Light Source for measurements under controlled lighting with any combination of red, green, blue, and white light.

Custom Chamber Adapter

Custom Chamber Adapter

The Custom Chamber Adapter (6800-19) allows you to construct a chamber to meet your needs. The custom chamber kit includes the adapter and hardware, tube connectors, and a template to provide guidance for interface between the custom chamber and adapter.

Custom Chamber Adapter
Insect Respiration Chamber

Insect Respiration Chamber

The Insect Respiration Chamber (6800-89) provides the ability to measure CO2 respiration from insects, other very small animals, or small fruits. The LI-6800 directs conditioned air through the insect respiration chamber and computes a flux based on the differential concentrations between reference and sample gas analyzers. Respiration is computed on the basis of mass, providing a measure of CO2 exchange per unit of mass over time. The Insect Respiration Chamber includes the Custom Chamber Adapter.

Chamber Packages

Chambers and corresponding light sources are available individually or as packages. If you want both a chamber and light source, order one of the following packages.

  • 6800-02P: 3x3 Clear-top Chamber with 3x3 cm Light Source
  • 6800-17L: Small Plant Chamber with Large Light Source
  • 6800-24L: Bryophyte Chamber with Large Light Source


Sub-sample Kit

The sub-sample kit includes all the hardware required to collect gas from the sample and reference air streams and each exhaust air stream. The kit has four connectors for the sample, reference, and exhaust air streams, four T-fittings, and two needle valves. Part number 9968-210.

CO2 Tank Adapter Kit

An optional adapter to connect a tank of compressed CO2 to the CO2 injector. Part number 9968-109.

Auxiliary Power Cable

Cable used to connect a deep cycle marine battery to the LI-6800 for power. Part number 9968-242.

Light Source Extension Cable

Cable used to connect an additional light source to the LI-6800 sensor head. Part number 9968-243.


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